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THE original adirondack chair
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Generations of lumberjacks, carpenters and architect's.

The Chute family (prounced like 'chew' instead of 'shoot') arrived in New England in the early 1700's and eventually settled in Maine in the early 1800's. They migrated from the shores inland, to setup their homesteads on the iconic Sebago Lake. A sawmill was built and generations of family members worked hard to provide much needed lumber from the vast landscape of available trees. My great grandfather, William, built a few adirondack chairs for a passing carpenter and kept a copy of the pattern for our family.


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The Classic Adirondack Chair

A design that dates back to the 1900's. This chair was built by my grandfather 35 years ago.

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In the early 1900's, a traveling carpenter from upstate New York asked my great grandfather to build him a few Adirondack chairs based upon a pattern he supplied. He made the chairs and kept a copy of the pattern.

{Picture} Great grandmother, Gertrude, and Uncle Eric in 1947. Chair built by great grandfather.


Stephen 'Steve' Calhoun brings many years of experience in the home construction industry, technology systems, and various other skill elements, that help to create functional and comfortable furniture.

{Picture} Steve and his son Alex painting a shed.

The Latest Works


Simple Pricing Structure

Choose the chair that works for you!

Assemble Yourself


All materials will be shipped with easy to follow instructions.

Kit includes stainless steel hardware and guides for a proper assembly.

We can spray white primer on all of your pieces for $25 more.

Primed Chair


Chair will be assembled and ready for you to customize with your choice of paint.

All pieces have a coat of primer sprayed on before assembly.

Cost effective way to have the chair of your dreams.

Partially Complete Chair


The chair will be shipped in 4 pieces. Easy to follow instructions allow for a quick assembly.

Choose from 4 colors: Classic White, Forest Green, Rustic Red, or Ocean Blue. (custom colors extra)

We offer discounts for multiple chair purchases.

Complete Chair


Fully assembled chair with 2 brilliant coat's of paint.

Choose from 6 colors (custom colors extra): Heritage Red, Ancient Ivory, Casco Bay Green, Midnight Blue, Viking Yellow, and Honeycomb Brown (we sell family honey also)

We offer discounts for multiple chair purchases.

Grampa's Dream


Fully assembled chair with 2 brilliant coat's of paint.

Extra coat of polyurethane for extra protection.

Bottom of each leg has a 1/8" layer of marine epoxy.



Fully assembled chair with a brilliant coat of paint.

Option for cup holder between the seat backs.

We offer discounts for multiple chair purchases.

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